Asset Tracking

Do you know the true costs of your fleet of vehicles and machinery? Digitize your assets and use the information obtained to increase utilization and reduce unnecessary costs.

Asset tracking – avoid downtime and operate at full capacity

Optimize the utilization of your machines, vehicles and systems by reducing failures and downtime.

  • Real-time data on location, consumption, utilization and maintenance status
  • Uniform upgrade system covering all manufacturers
  • Preventive maintenance planning and downtime avoidance
  • Protection against theft and misuse through intelligent alarm solutions
  • Automatic stocktaking and electronic performance logging
  • Optimized sales representative management with driver recognition and job scheduling
  • Less red tape thanks to electronic driver’s logbooks
  • Manage your assets and the data obtained conveniently via the Commander web portal
Enterprise asset management – know-how instead of guessing

Use the data you collect, such as machinery operating hours, mileage, quantities consumed and location tracking data, to optimize your asset management. We take your data where it benefits you the most.

  • Better planning of all assets across all departments, buildings and regions
  • Optimization of assets - from design, construction and operation to dismantling or replacement
  • Maintaining assets just in time and reducing failure rates
  • Seamless integration into IoT platforms
  • Dashboards, data analysis, KPIs and benchmarks at the press of a button
Shared mobility - mobility on demand

Reduce the size of your fleet by increasing the utilization of the individual vehicles with a central fleet management and electronic booking system for employees.

  • Includes hardware, installation, software license, data transmission, support and maintenance
  • CAN-bus compatible hardware with integrated M2M SIM and NFC/RFID card reader
  • Solution independent of vehicle and drive type (combustion, hybrid, electric, etc.)
  • Intuitively operated platform for the booking and administration of vehicles, including mobile app
  • Needs-based vehicle tracking in accordance with data protection regulations