Internet of Things

Know-how instead of guessing - with solutions that optimize your company

When data becomes knowledge and knowledge leads to action with foresight, then technology has fulfilled its purpose.

  • Network your products, and use the data collected to establish new business models
  • Optimize the utilization of your machines and systems, and reduce investment and operating costs
  • Automate your procedures and find out in good time if something doesn’t work
  • Mobilize and optimize your individual business processes and increase work productivity and employee satisfaction

“In taking the first step towards digitization, we wanted a partner who could provide a complete solution. A1 Digital was precisely that partner. A1 Digital impresses us above all with its expertise in the field of mobile communications and IOT as well as by working together with us on comprehensive solutions. This enables VIKING to design products for worldwide use on the basis of the latest IOT technologies.” (Gerhard Auer, Head of Production Development and Electronics at VIKING)


“As a family-owned company steeped in tradition, this project shows the way to the energy supply of the future. We are one of the first electricity network operators in Austria to convert energy consumption measurement to this innovative technology. For the implementation, we chose A1 Digital as a reliable partner for data security, project management and meter infrastructure. The town of Ybbs an der Donau thus becomes a flagship in terms of energy efficiency,” says Peter Wüster, Managing Director of E-Werk Wüster.

floor protector

“As we have had such good experiences with the custom-tailored connectivity solution from A1 Digital and the easy administration processes in taking our first steps towards the digitization of our measuring methods for screed floors, we will also rely on the know-how and competence of A1 Digital for the digitization of our measuring method for flat roofs,” explains Alred Puchegger, Managing Director of fp floor protector GmbH in Vienna.


“The investment in the fleet management and asset tracking solution very quickly proved to be the right decision and is a further step in the digitization and modernization of the construction industry.”
(Thomas Bodner, Managing Partner of Bodner Group)

Gebrüder Weiss

“Smooth M2M communication is the yardstick for the efficiency of logistics chains. The solution proposed by A1 Digital convinced us to rely on the M2M know-how of A1 Digital for the conversion. A1 Digital also proved to be extremely flexible, not least in combining the many individual contracts in the various countries into a single provider contract and in structuring the plans.” (Koray Dereli, Manager IT Services Infrastructure at Gebrüder Weiss Corporate IT Services in Kennelbach).

ventopay GmbH

“At ventopay, the customers and their needs come first. A1 Digital solutions offer us the opportunity to react quickly to customer requests. Using the SIMplify management platform, we can expand the systems independently and flexibly and implement new requirements very efficiently. Depending on requirements, we can activate or deactivate data connections quickly and easily, which considerably reduces the administrative effort,” says Johannes Reichenberger, Managing Director of ventopay gmbh, expressing his satisfaction with the decision to use A1 Digital.

A1 Telekom Austria Group

“Up to now, our sales representatives have lost a lot of time working through administrative tasks on the computers in the office. With the Enterprise Mobility platform from A1 Digital, we have a quick and easy way to present data and process from various applications in a single app for our employees’ smartphones. The mobilization of approval processes and special business applications for sales was implemented quickly and easily without the need for changes to the back-end system. Our idea of mobilizing different applications to increase work productivity and employee satisfaction and to make it easier for employees to access information has paid off.” (Martin Resel, CCO of A1 Telekom Austria AG)