Let's go digital

The future is now.

Digitization is not a trend but a necessity to stay competitive in a rapidly changing market with new players and disruptive technologies.

  • Customer engagement through connected products and omnichannel communication
  • Streamlined processes and seamless collaboration with suppliers and partners
  • Optimized utilization of high-value assets like vehicles, machines and production facilities
  • Guaranteed service levels with complete and paperless documentation of your performance
Digitalization in numbers
6bn connected devices worldwide
… and more than 20 billion by 2020. (Gartner, 2017)
38% of IT infrastructure
…. is operated on a cloud in 2016, more than 50% by 2020 (IDC, 2017)
60% of CEOs
… are directly engaged in digital business initiatives. (McKinsey, 2014)
Step by step to the digital transformation

Size does not matter for digital services. We are your partner for digital transformation, no matter if you are a one-man business, medium-sized enterprise or multinational corporation. Get in touch and learn more about our products and services, from exploration workshops until joint product development.

Ensure smooth operation of your IT infrastructure

The foundation for digitized business processes is a functioning IT infrastructure. However only a few companies can count the operation of data centers and servers to their core competencies. If you are not one of those companies, leverage professional services to run your IT infrastructure securely, highly performant and cost efficient.

Digitalize your processes

Digitalized processes allow you to have full transparency about every step of your processes. Get progress reports, inventory levels, or information on outages in real-time and remotely. Link your data with the people you are collaborating with and control your entire value chain.

Connect your products

Connected products close this gap and allow you to establish a direct relation with your customers. Data from your registered customers as well as usage patterns and maintenance information regarding your products are continuously transferred to your central IT system.

Make Software your friend

With cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, you will always get the newest version of your application and get rid of complex licence management, installation and maintenance on your local computers.

Optimize the utilization of your high-value assets

The electronic data collection using sensors and data interfaces allows you to capture not only the location, but also gain transparency about the usage behavior, intensity and utilization. Theft, loss and misuse are easy to recognize and to prevent.

Transform your business models

Developments in industries such as tourism, mobility, energy and eCommerce clearly show this trend. The value creation shifts more and more to matching supply and demand rather than actually delivering the service. As a result start-up companies with innovative business models benefit from this trend, rather than established corporations.

Your way to the digitalization
Digitalization is a matter of priority

Change often experiences resistance and needs the support of the top management.

Transformation is cross-functional

Digitalization has no borders - neither area, company nor national borders.

Innovation is not an end in itself

The customer's benefit is the main focus - everything else is secondary

Digitalization is our core competence

Digitalization needs to become a part of everyday life and corporate culture.

Think big, start small

Der Erfolg kommt mit mutigen Zielen und kleinen Schritten.

Let's go digital

To enable the full range of business areas.