Pay Go Server
Pay Go Server
  • configure server within seconds
  • hourly billing
  • clustered for high availability
Example: Pay Go Business

You can easily configure your server via slider or use our default settings

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 8 vCPU Processor
  • 250 GB Storage
  • Virtual Machine
Flexible configuration

Each instance is configured individually (CPU cores, RAM, Disk Space and vCPU speed) according your applications needs. You can resize your instance at any time.

Elastic platform for advanced requirements

The underlying server cluster scales elastically. It allows to add up to 10 instances to one subscription and to install a load balancer.

20 days trial and hourly billing

PayGo offers a 20 days trial period for 1лв. and a “pay-as-you-go” billing, where resource usage is measured every hour. Once you stop a server, you pay only for keeping the data stored.

Operating system, VMs and Container

Each instance is delivered with an OS. Choose between classic Virtual Machines (VM) or trendy Container deployment for Linux Ubuntu and CentOS. Or use VMs with Windows Server OS.

A1 digital infrastructure and ISO-Certificate

The entire infrastructure is owned and operated by Telekom Austria Group in Austria. We provide ISO27001 and ISO27018 certifications.

Clustered infrastructure for high availability

The platform is based on an availability design usually only global hosters can offer. Each instance is copied on two separate hosts to ensure the best possible availability rate, still on a medium price level. In case of a hardware failure, customers do not need to fear major downtimes. All instances would rapidly reboot from another host.


Optionally, a fully automated backup functionality is embedded into the whole platform to round up our availability ambition. Choose between daily, weekly and monthly backups. Additional costs will be billed for the needed backup space on a separated storage cluster.


PayGo automatically adapts to the required performance level! Example: Through major working hours, you need a good performance. The server sizes up. During night or weekend it sizes down to save cost. Isn’t that cool?

Operations and Security excellence

We are a Telco and we provide a 7x24 platform monitoring. And if you have questions, our Helpdesk support speaks your local language.

Frequently Asked Questions
In the stopped state, the resources CPU and RAM are not consumed, therefore we do not count for these resources. Still, we keep the image of your server with all data stored on it, at your disposal, just as all backup versions that you may have saved. Finally, the bandwidth for the server stays reserved. In general, we always count only those resources that require a service from us. Therefore the mentioned resources will be charged for inactive servers.
No, import of VMs, eg. an OVF-file, is not possible. Each instance is built from scratch on the platform. An existing VM on the platform can be cloned easily.
The resources assigned to an active PayGo server are billed per hour. Assigned resources are those that were configured during the purchase order. They may have been modified by the user later on in the Customer Control Panel for expansion or reduction.
This feature provides an automated adaption of the resource-configuration of an instance. If a preset utilization level of the vCPU is reached, PayGo increases or decreases the clock frequency (vClock) dynamically according to the requirements of the application(s). If you have selected the Container virtualization, additionally an automated adaption of the amount of RAM (vRAM) is available. Because of the hourly billing of resource consumption, Auto-Scale has an impact on the cost structure of a PayGo instance.
The Backup option allows you to:
  • Create snapshots
  • create images
  • perform ad-hoc (full) backups
  • perform fully automated backups (daily, weekly, monthly)
  The number of stored backups can be set via the Customper Control Panel. A total of 30 copies are allowed. Costs incur for carrying out the backup itself and for the backup space required to store it on the separated backup memory.
You can find all information around Microsoft License Mobility on Microsoft.com. Here are some fundamentals:
  • A1 is certified as a qualified partner for Microsoft license mobility.
  • License mobility does not capture any Windows server operating system. This means that the Windows Server license must always be provided by the hosting provider. Exception: dedicated server resources.
  • Licensing of server applications (which are under Software Assurance) may be ported under certain conditions.
The Virtual Server offering does not provide Microsoft applications. Please note that you are responsible for the correct licensing of applications installed on the Virtual Server platform, especially for compliance with the Microsoft guidelines.
Linux containers (LXC) share the operating system kernel of a single Linux OS installation. An LXC encapsulates applications and their operating environment, such as process trees, network, user IDs, etc. Key differences between VM and LXC: Virtual Machine:
  • Disk space requirements in the range of gigabytes
  • Requires a classic boot (boot) of the operating system, apps load several minutes
  • Memory requirements in the range of megabytes
  • Operating system is already booted (booted), apps are almost immediately available.
  • Benefit: Immediately install, move to other virtual servers, share, or re-enable older packages
  • Disadvantage: One operating system instance must handle many containers simultaneously. Therefore, this technology is limited in performance.
For applications with medium and high performance requirements, A1 recommends using virtual machines.
V1: On Marketplace Control Panel à Home à Look for the Tile with „More Services“ und click on the link to PayGo (Cloud Infrastructure or Virtual Server) CCPv1 view will appear. Eventually, you may have to choose the right subscription on top of the screen (drop-down). Still in the top of the screen you will see a notification, how long your Trail is valid until expiration à click on „Upgrade“ V2: On Marketplace Control Panel à Home à Account à Subscriptions Choose the PayGo Trial-server you want to upgrade à click right beside the text on “Upgrade to Paid Subscription”

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  • The exact price depends on your option and usage