Zoho Contact Manager
Zoho Contact Manager
  • Have one place for all your team contacts
  • Track deals and tasks 
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Search intelligently and use Smart templates

Absolute contact management in a smart way.

  • Unlimited Users
  • 10,000 Contacts
  • 1,000 Deals
  • Custom Fields
  • Email & Social Media Integration
  • G Suite, Outlook & MailChimp Integration

Unlimited contact management.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Deals
  • Custom Fields
  • Email & Social Media Integration
  • GSuite, Outlook & MailChimp Integration
A Unified view of Contacts and Activities

Everything you need to know about your business contacts is at your fingertips. Continuously stay updated with your team using Feeds.

Stay on top of Tasks and Deals

Assign tasks, track to-dos and plan follow-up activities. Gain clarity on the status of your tasks. Closely monitor deals so that they don't slip through cracks.

A versatile way of sorting your stuff

Categorize and label contacts, deals or other records on various parameters using Tags.

Smart Templates

Improve your productivity by using a wide array of task and email templates. Share best practices with your team and stay right-on track while you're working on something more important.

Intelligent Search

Instantly find whatever you need with our advanced multi-conditional search. For example, you can find the contacts in your city whose birthday is today and have given you a certain amount of business, without having to go through loads of data.

Connect on a Personal Note

Interact with your contacts on Facebook and Twitter from within the application. Also, keep a tab on info like your contact's favorite sport using custom fields.

Turn website visitors into contacts

Instantly convert your website visitors into contacts with our Web-to-Contacts Form. Simply embed this form into your website to watch contacts and leads pour in!

Manage your contacts on the way

Android and iPhone apps available for free.

How to start using Zoho Contact Manager:

Order Zoho Contact Manager and access the product via the control panel


Invite your colleagues to Zoho Contact Manager and start to collaborate


Install the mobile apps available for Android and iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes we do. Just subscribe for the Trial and if you do not decide to continue with the purchase, you can use the FREE version forever with no cost. All you need to do is DOWNGRADE to free in A1 digital Marketplace Control Panel.
Even though the Zoho Contact Manager allows you to configure only one email address, you can add your personal email address as a POP account. You can also share your emails with all the users in the organization.
Absolutely. From the Mail settings, select Convert new email Id's to contacts option. Every time you receive an email from a new email address, the sender is added to your contacts.
Yes, you can import all your existing contacts from Zoho Mail, Gmail, Highrise, Webforms or from CSV file.
Absolutely. You can add text, URL, picklists, Date, Number, Email, Phone, Website, and Textarea type custom fields depending on the information you want to collect.
Available integration options in Zoho ContactManager are:
  • G Suite
  • Outlook
  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Card scanner mobile app
  • MailChimp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
When your social accounts are configured, you can view all your social updates within the Contact Manager. You can view the social profiles of your contacts too. You can post a status message on Facebook and Tweet from the Contact Manager and you can look up your contact's social profile with the contact's full name and map both, Facebook and Twitter profiles.
A task template allows you to define the tasks to be performed in every business deal. It serves as a reference template to use each time you confirm a new deal.
A deal is any business relationship you have initiated and doesn't necessarily mean only sales deals. Even when you work with a vendor on a contract it qualifies to be a deal. The deals can be Hot, Warm and Cold. These are terms used to indicate how likely it is that the deal will come through. A hot deal has a higher probability of closure, a cold deal has the lowest probability and a warm deal has a 50% chance of closure.

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