Zoho Docs
Zoho Docs
  • A comprehensive online document management system
  • Create, store, share and collaborate on documents
  • From лв 9,78 per month/ user
  • Get a free 15 days trial!

100GB /User

  • 5GB File upload limit
  • Desktop Sync
  • Admin Controls
  • Dropbox Intergration
  • Zoho Office Suite
  • SSL
  • Secure file collaboration
  • Two- factor Authentication
  • Mobile app
  • In-app chat
  • Email notification
  • Unlimited File Versions
  • GApp integration
  • Password protected / Expiry links
  • Send files to non-Docs users
  • Advanced analytics & reporting
  • Audit trail (individual team member activity details)
  • Custom branding
  • Group sharing

1TB /User, includes all Standard features plus

  • 25GB File upload limit
  • SAML based SSO integration
  • Supports Active Directory groups
  • Transfer file ownership during exit
  • eDiscovery (Find any file across org account)
  • Unlimited file recovery
  • Email In
  • Task and Reminders
Sharing and collaboration

There is no need to send documents individually to each member of one team, just create a link and share it privately, or make it public to everyone in the organization. It can be decided who can see which files, by using specific criteria. Projects can be collaborated on with coworkers, whether they're in the office or working remotely. Zoho Docs lets you recover all previous versions of a document. Eliminate overwriting while collaborating with colleagues, use the Check-In/Check-Out feature, which allows only one person to work on a document at a time. Get instant notifications via email any time changes are made.

Guaranteed data security

Zoho Docs meets industry specific compliance standards such as SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001. Zoho participates in and complys with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Any files within Zoho Docs go through virus, malware, and spam checks to detect any infections. Such files are prevented from being distributed to others. Be assured of strong authentication, message privacy and integrity with Zoho Docs. Zoho also uses RSA based 2048-bit encryption keys for secure connections between the server and client browser.

Online Tools/Office Suite - Writer, Sheet and Show

Writer Zoho Writer is an online word editor that lets you work on files of any format, be it .doc, .docx, .odt or HTML. Sheet Zoho Sheet lets you easily collaborate to create and share complex spreadsheets wherever you are. Built-in formulas for quicker and more accurate calculations. Charts and pivots to better organize and display data. Show Import or export to any format, including .ppt, .pptx, and .ods. Insert images or videos and real-time Twitter feeds into slides. Deliver presentations virtually to anyone with just a URL. Share your presentations on social media or embed them on websites and blogs.

Cloud storage and synchronization

Storing data in the cloud is particularly convenient with Zoho Docs. It offers the Email-In function, which sends files directly to Zoho Docs from your email account without logging in and a sync from Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu Linux computers to the cloud and vice-versa. Files can conveniently be moved via drag and drop with the Zoho Docs Sync on the desktop, even when you are offline. Folders and documents can be updated and shared generally or selectivel. Data can be moved from any file storage to Zoho Docs, all you have to do is sign in. Zoho Docs also supports zipped files so you can unzip and store them in the appropriate folders. Conveniently transfer large files fast and free of charge.

Advanced analytics

Every document created within the organization can be tracked and the access supervised. The ownership of a document can be assigned and also changed to another team member, if necessary. Files that have been created, edited, or deleted by any user can specifically be searched within Zoho Docs. Admin reports can be used to monitor all user activities, including the storage space summary, as well as document type and volume of documents over a set period of time.

First steps

Order Zoho Docs and access the product via the control panel


Assign users to let your colleagues join


Customize your interface and add your company logo and install the mobile applications

Frequently Asked Questions
Productivity :
  1. Create new documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.
  2. Import and edit documents from your computer.
  3. Download/Export your online documents to your desktop in MS Office, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, HTML, Zip file formats.
  4. Collaborate online in real time and chat with other collaborators - right from inside the documents.
To know more about editing documents with our office tools , the below links. Word Processor Spreadsheet Editor Presentation Editor Online Collaboration :
  1. Share files online securely by setting different visibility options and user permissions.
  2. Create Shared folders, invite people to view, edit , upload files and collaborate.
  3. Review documents, post comments, chat with friends and colleagues.
  4. Create groups, share and collaborate in real-time.
To know more about our online collaboration tools, click here. Document management :
  1. Check In/ check out shared files and maintain multiple versions for a document.
  2. Review, revert to older versions of a document anytime.
  3. View differences between versions.
  4. Perform full-text file searches
  1. HTTPS support https://docs.zoho.eu for Zoho Docs service.
  2. Hosting of Customer data in a secured Data Center
  3. Encryption of user credentials.
  4. While uploading a document in Zoho Docs the system will automatically scan for viruses. If the document contains any virus then the document will not be stored.
In fact your data is more secure than walking around with it on a laptop or even on your corporate desktops.
Do not worry. We strictly follow standard security guidelines at our data center and monitor our servers regularly. Regarding data management & backup, at Zoho Docs replicate each document, so that even if one copy is lost, there is another live copy. We also backup data daily. So in the worst case scenario where we lose both copies due to some unforeseen circumstances, there is a daily backup from which we can restore.
Do not worry. It is exactly for this reason Zoho Docs does not delete a document at the first instance. Zoho Docs has a 'Trash Bin' option similar to the Macintosh's Trash and Windows Recycle bins. The trash is a temporary storage for files that have been deleted by the user, but not yet permanently erased from the account. You can restore the deleted files to its original folder by selecting the files from the trash folder and clicking on the "Restore" button.

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