Zoho Workplace
Zoho Workplace
  • Integrated: Get 9 Zoho products naturally integrated
  • Secure: High security standards
  • Flexible: Offline access and mobile apps

30 GB combined storage per User, all plans include feature-rich Zoho Docs, Chat, ShowTime and Sites applications

  • Multiple domain hosting
  • Domain aliases
  • Custom logo / login URL
  • Additional storage upgrade
  • 30MB Attachment Limit

100 GB combined storage per User, all plans include feature-rich Zoho Docs, Chat, ShowTime and Sites applications

  • Multiple domain hosting
  • Domain aliases
  • Custom logo / login URL
  • Additional storage upgrade
  • 50MB Attachment Limit

1 TB combined storage per User, all plans include feature-rich Zoho Docs, Chat, ShowTime and Sites applications

  • Multiple domain hosting
  • Domain aliases
  • Custom logo / login URL
  • A lot more storage per User
  • Additional storage upgrade
  • 50MB Attachment Limit
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5 GB combined storage per User, 25 User, All plans include feature-rich Zoho Docs, Chat, ShowTime and Sites applications

  • Single domain hosting.
  • Custom logo / login URL.
  • 20MB Attachment Limit
Feature Packed for Business & Professional Use

Zoho Workplace's webmail interface has been designed to break the notion that only desktop email clients can provide the power features favored by business users. Users will find the familiar functionality of desktop email blended perfectly with the convenience and flexibility of browser-based access. This means you get the best of both worlds.

Go Beyond Email. Take Your Office Online!

Gone are the days of software installations and upgrades. Take your office to the cloud. Zoho Workplace comes bundled with Zoho Docs, a comprehensive online office and document management suite that runs from within a web browser and many more powerful applications. Users can create, edit and collaborate on word documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. Along with integrated calendar, tasks, notes and contacts modules, Zoho Mail provides the best tools to improve productivity and efficiency.

Email & CRM Integration

Businesses of all sizes are doing the smart thing of setting up a CRM application for their sales and marketing teams, enabling them to work more efficiently. At the same time, habits die hard and people still rely on good old email for communicating with clients, prospects and customers. What do you do? If you made the decision of choosing Zoho CRM for your business, you'll be amazed with the contextual gadgets feature in Zoho Workplace. It's like having CRM inside your email.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

The biggest advantage of email hosted on the cloud is that you get to access your messages on the move. Be it through your mobile, laptop or desktop, as long as there is an internet connection - present almost anywhere, anytime these days - keep your email exchanges and communications flowing.

Extensive Control Panel

Your IT administrators will find it a breeze to set up and manage emailing for your business with the extensive control panel interface. Representing the entire back end of your email hosting account, administrators can easily control individual user mailbox quota and privileges, email policies, group email accounts and other such aspects from within this centralized control center.

How to use Zoho Workplace:

Order Zoho Workplace and access the product via the control panel


Customize your interface and add your company logo.


Install the mobile applications.

More than just an E-Mail service:
We are glad to announce Zoho Workplace – an integrated suite of applications that simply put your entire office on the cloud. Zoho Mail is now one of nine essential productivity and collaboration applications included in Zoho Workplace.

With Zoho Workplace, your team will be empowered with all the essential tools to create, collaborate and communicate effectively, in one place.

Zoho Workplace is an integrated suite of productivity & collaboration apps for your workplace including Zoho Mail, Docs, Office suite and more.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. To change the display name in your outgoing mail, Click Settings >> Mail >> Send Mail As
  2. Click Edit icon Across the Account for which you want to change the display name
  3. Type the desired Display name in the text box and Click Save.
In case you've forgotten your account password, Zoho Mail provides two options for account recovery. You can recover your account either using your registered mobile number or secondary email id. In the login page, enter your Zoho email id and click the 'Forgot Password' link. Follow the steps that proceed and fill in the required details to recover your account.
You can backup your emails by exporting them in the EML format from the Settings menu. Under Access old version for, select Import/Export. In the Export message section, set your export options and click Export. An email containing the exported emails as a .zip file will be sent to the account for which the export as been initiated.
In the Attachment Viewer, the Filter option lets you customize and set certain criteria to locate attachments. Attachments matching the mentioned criteria will be listed on the Screen.
To create a new template, open the email composer, type the content of the template in the compose area, and click the drop-down next to Save Draft. From the listing, select Template. The content that you added will now be saved to the Templates folder.. Im Anschluss können Sie das erstellte Template immer einfach aus dem entsprechenden Ordner als Vorlage auswählen.
You can add reminders to emails, based on the response, no response or based on a date-time irrespective of the response. The reminders can be set when composing the emails or even for the emails you receive.
The users can enable or disable POP/ IMAP Access from Settings >> Old Settings >> POP/ IMAP and Email Forwarding section.
You can configure your other email accounts as POP accounts in Zoho Mail. These accounts can be accessed from the same window, with individual settings for signatures, vacation reply etc. External accounts cannot be accessed via IMAP in Zoho Mail.
All incoming emails are processed for Spam based on the IP Address, Domain and personal Blacklists and Whitelists. All the incoming and outgoing emails are also scanned for Viruses. Zoho Mail uses Clam AV for advanced Virus protection. In case any incoming email is found to be affected by Virus, the email will be bounced to the sender. For outgoing emails, the attachments will be scanned during upload process, and the file will not be attached if found to be infected. If you still notice Spam emails in your Inbox, use the Spam icon to mark it as spam. If you consistently notice Spam emails, you can copy the headers of the email and report it to us.
If you want to delete/archive emails from a specific sender, you can make use of the Scrub option. Select an email from the sender whose emails you want to manage, go to the More Actions menu, choose Scrub, and click Delete/Archive, based on your preference. Note:
  • Only the emails in the folder from which you're performing this action will be affected.
  • Archiving emails does not free up inbox space.

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