Zoho Recruit
Zoho Recruit
  • Individual: Matching your companies needs
  • Flexible: Zoho Recruit App
  • Secure: High security standards

  • 100 active jobs
  • Advanced search
  • Document attachment
  • Custom reports
  • Custom dashboard
  • Social media integration
Zoho Recruit

250 active Jobs

  • Standard +
  • Advanced Customization
  • Advanced Reports Analytics
  • Advanced Workflow Management
  • Assignment Rules
  • Attachment Permissions
  • Candidate Login
  • Complete Social Integration
  • Data Sharing Rules
  • Field Level Security
  • Macros
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Pre-Screening Assessments
Zoho Recruit

750 active Jobs

  • Professional +
  • Advanced Branded Resumes
  • Auto Responders
  • Custom Functions & Buttons
  • Territory Management
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Web Tabs
Leverage your company website

Elevate your candidates experience by creating a careers page that lists every job opening with complete descriptions and accepts applications for multiple job openings at once.

Shortlist, engage, and hire the right candidate

Zoho Recruit lets you parse multiple resumes, transfer candidate information directly into the candidate database, and format CVs to best represent your brand.

One single email tab

Keep a record of sent mails and track calls and meetings with your applicants. Direct all your emails inside Zoho Recruit and get their attachments automatically parsed right away.


Customize Zoho Recruit as per your business requirements, automate workflows and create rules for all your manual entry tasks. Focus on what needs your attention.

Recruit anytime, anywhere

Don't be confined to the interview room. Zoho Recruit's mobile app runs with you everywhere. Schedule interviews, manage records and update job openning statuses on your phone.

How to use Zoho Recruit:

Order Zoho Recruit and access the product via the control panel


Customize Zoho Recruit to your needs.


Install the mobile apps on Android, iOS.

Fast and Easy with Zoho Recruit
With its numerous features Zoho Recruit is the perfect solution to make your everyday recruiting and hiring process faster and easier.

Zoho Recruit was created to streamline your hiring process. You can create new job opennings, compose a job advertisement and application form for them, and publish on your own website, social media platforms and job portals.

Once you start receiving applications, Zoho Recruit makes sure to list your applicants, their information and all your correspondence with them in the most transparent way possible.

Zoho Recruit is online and on mobile. Even if you are on the go, your hiring process will stay with you and stay organised.
Frequently Asked Questions
Zoho Recruit supports Internet Explorer 10 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3 and above, Google Chrome and Safari.
With Zoho Recruit, data security is guaranteed. We have used proven network security components in place to ensure the highest security for your data. This includes physical security practices (like 7x24x365 security, video monitoring, biometric access, bullet-resistant walls), network security (encryption, intrusion detection/prevention), people processes and redundancy/business continuity.
Yes, we are US/EU Safe Harbour compliant.
Zoho Recruit allows you to export and take a backup of all your data in a few simple steps. You can export all your data in different formats like XLS, CSV and TSV, and the attachments in Zip file.
Yes, Zoho Recruit can help you in this. Under "setup" you have to select "Careers Website Integration" option. In the "Add New Page" pop-up, select your option to either "Clone Existing page" or "Create a new page". If you select "Create a new page", then you will need to select the type of page that you want to create either a Job listing page or a Candidate application form.
Yes. Zoho Recruit has its built in calendar of its own. Thanks to the MS Outlook plug-in, there is also a two way sychroisation between Outlook and Zoho Recruit. This does not only include mailings and contacts, but also tasks and events in the respective calendars.
Yes. Zoho Recruit allows you that. To submit resumes in bulk to a hiring manager: click the "Candidates" tab.In the Candidates Home page, select the records. Click Submit to Hiring Manager.
The Microsoft Outlook add-on helps you to add emails, contacts and attachments as candidates in Zoho Recruit. To add candidate from MS Outlook sign in to Zoho Recruit from MS Outlook. Select email/contact(s) and click "Add Candidate".
Surely. In Zoho Recruit, you can add new fields as per your requirements. These fields will be available to all the users added to your organization's Recruit account. You can edit, delete and hide some of the Zoho defined fields, but note that there are some fields that you cannot delete, remove, rename or change from mandatory settings.  You can freely define text, decimal, percent, currency, date, phone, picklist etc. fields to suit your hiring process best.
Workflow Rules in Zoho Recruit, are a set of actions (alerts, tasks and field updates) that are executed when certain specified conditions are met. These rules automate the process of sending email alerts, assigning tasks and updating certain fields of a record when a rule is triggered. You can set up workflow rules in a couple of simple steps. First specify the basic details such as rule name. Then select trigger option and rule creteria. As a final step just associate actions and save.

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